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refineryre‧fin‧e‧ry /rɪˈfaɪnəri/ noun (plural refineries) [countable]  TIFa factory where something such as oil or sugar is made purerrefineoil/petroleum/sugar refinery
Examples from the Corpus
refineryThe company also plans to invest in some of its remaining 11 refineries to make them more efficient.Pan music, the latent harmony in metal, resurrected from debris on the wharves and refineries of Trinidad by illiterate laborers.Quickly he generated an international order book, building refineries and tanks all over the world.Baldwin Inc. last month fired 200 workers at its Crockett, California, refinery, citing high raw cane sugar prices.Lagoven said its heating oil is mostly derived from its refinery at Amuay in the western state of Falcon.an oil refineryNear Irvine and the port of Ardrossan, on the west coast, there is another large oil refinery.Two years before the refinery became operational, however, Montevideo severed all links with Moscow.I was the lowest paid person on the refinery.oil/petroleum/sugar refineryWhen oil was first imported this was the place chosen for an oil refinery.Her father was an oil refinery worker until she was nine.The new facility abuts tract homes and a defunct oil refinery.The plant will produce electrical power from oil refinery residues.Where are the main sugar refineries and why are they in these places?Why do you think some people opposed the building of oil refineries near Milford Haven?By June 29 a further solidarity strike had halted production at the country's only oil refinery.New investors would be allowed to set up oil refineries without government permission.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrefineryre‧fin‧e‧ry /rɪˈfaɪnəri/ noun (plural refineries) [countable]MANUFACTURING a factory where something such as oil or sugar is made purerthe country’s largest oil refinery
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