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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreflexre‧flex /ˈriːfleks/ noun [countable]  1 reflexes2 reflex action
Examples from the Corpus
reflexAlmost as a reflex, he smiled grimly to himself.Hawthorne said she fired the gun as a reflex when her husband shouted.Ellen thought that the smile was a reflex.Though in a coma, the patient shows signs of brain activity, such as reflexes.None of the patients was taking any medication known to interfere with cardiovascular reflexes.Are we to infer from the texts that the pupils do not understand the differences between inborn and conditioned reflexes?It is best to ignore this rather frantic reflex.Development proceeds as the infant explores the environment via his or her reflexes.So ingrained is the reflex of contention that even seemingly unobjectionable ideas provoke it.
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