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reflex action

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreflex actionreflex actionsomething that you do without thinking, as a reaction to a situation reflex
Examples from the Corpus
reflex actionYou develop a reflex action of reaching for the bowl.As the knife entered her she seemed to try to double up, but it was only a reflex action.By reflex action - a mechanism of the nervous system - the threatened hand is instantly withdrawn and the threatened eye closed.His reflex action was to bend and swing round violently, and I was thrown to the ground.We then moved close and fired from the hip and shoulder in reflex action shooting.He caught her arm in mid-air, a deceptively lazy reflex action, his fingers biting into her forearm.In a smooth, reflex action honed by years of practice, I say no.The reflex action at this point is to descend into cynicism.
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