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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreformerre‧form‧er /rɪˈfɔːmə $ -ɔːrmər/ noun [countable]  IMPROVEsomeone who works to improve a social or political system a great social reformer
Examples from the Corpus
reformerThe nominees for Prime Minister included representatives of both reformers and conservatives.On the one side are democrats, economic reformers and secessionists.This is a depressing conclusion for liberal reformers.A life-long reformer such as Russell clearly saw himself, not as conceding, but as strengthening aristocratic influence.There was no point in being a mere political reformer intent on changing laws and state institutions to make social conditions better.The key element, however, is not the ardor of the reformers.It is tempting to pick the reformers.Harold Ickes, a veteran reformer, was Secretary of the Interior.
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