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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrefugeref‧uge /ˈrefjuːdʒ/ ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable] shelter or protection from someone or somethingtake/seek refuge (in something) During the frequent air-raids, people took refuge in their cellars.2 SAFE[countable] a place that provides shelter, or protection from danger a wildlife refugerefuge from A huge oak tree provided a refuge from the storm.refuge for a refuge for battered wives
Examples from the Corpus
refugeIn the moonlight it appeared more like a great slab of concrete than a refuge for ducks.The basement provided us with a refuge from the fighting.London is, or was, a great refuge for hacks.The Allies are being asked to provide more refuges for those fleeing the fighting.Zurich's importance as a business centre grew, as did its reputation as a place of refuge.Thousands of families came here seeking refuge from the civil war.Many urban homeless were seeking refuge in subway stations and bus depots.Jacqueline became pregnant, her flat was repossessed, she sought refuge from Tommy's violence.Then she turned and flew on winged feet up the narrow stair to take refuge in her garret room.Instead of picking them up, she moved behind the pedestal as if taking refuge.Hunters already have more access to the refuge than any other recreational group, Evans says.During the flooding, people took refuge in the hills.Sorcerer took refuge behind the mirrors.a wildlife refugetake/seek refuge (in something)Yet it hesitates, and takes refuge in nit-picking.I took refuge in the bookstore on the square and found Howl, which was unknown in Arizona at the time.When the children were called in for lunch, Anna went out to the slide and Liz took refuge in the bar.Tourists huddled in darkened hotels and hundreds of locals sought refuge in emergency shelters overnight.Six other people taking refuge in the house also committed suicide, each by swallowing cyanide capsules.At a convenience store / gas station in Manvel, several people seek refuge from the storms.She took refuge behind an angel's wings and, from this vantage point, spied upon her family.Nearby is near Runaway Ghaut, a rugged ravine where slaves sought refuge.wildlife refugeThe island of Angistri went up in flames within minutes of being declared a wildlife refuge.The basis for the great national forest, park, monument, and wildlife refuge systems of the present had been laid.The wildlife refuge may contain as much as three billion barrels.
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