Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: regarder; REGARD2


1 noun
reā€§gard1 S3


[uncountable] respect and admiration for someone or something
regard for
Jan's regard for his great talent
Burt had high regard for his old law professor, Dr. Finch (=he respected him a lot).
The voters hold her in high regard (=respect or admire her).
Teachers are held in low regard in this society (=are not respected or admired).


[uncountable] formal attention or consideration that is shown towards someone or something
regard for
She has no regard for other people's feelings.
pay/show regard
One must show proper regard for the law.
little/no/scant regard (for somebody/something)
The present administration has demonstrated little regard for environmental issues.
All students must have access to quality education without regard to wealth or class.

with/in regard to something

formal relating to a particular subject:
US foreign policy with regard to Cuba

in this/that regard

formal relating to something you have just mentioned:
The company's problems, in this regard, are certainly not unique.


[plural] good wishes - used when sending your good wishes to someone or when ending a short letter or message:
Hope to see you soon. Regards, Chris
(with) kind/best regards (=used to end a letter in a friendly but rather formal way)
6 [singular] literary a long look without moving your eyes

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