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reggaereg‧gae /ˈreɡeɪ/ noun [uncountable]  APMa kind of popular music originally from Jamaica, with a strong regular beat
Examples from the Corpus
reggaeEveryone tapped their toes and got into the swing a reggae one rather than an electoral one.One day I went to the nearby yacht club where a open-air reggae festival continued well into the night.Here you can snorkel or simply relax with a beer and enjoy the sounds of Neville's calypso and reggae music.Funk, jazz and reggae influence their sound, but the result never dips into a Western dirge.But whereas calypso now only rarely contains a political message reggae almost always does.But Cirrito is quick to point out that Rastafarianism is a religion, whereas reggae is a beat.If Island were having hits with reggae music, Virgin should be too.
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