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regimere‧gime /reɪˈʒiːm/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 PGa government, especially one that was not elected fairly or that you disapprove of for some other reason The regime got rid of most of its opponents.military/totalitarian/fascist regimebrutal/oppressive/corrupt regimesee thesaurus at government2 PGBBa particular system – used especially when talking about a previous system, or one that has just been introducedunder a regime Under the new regime, all sheep and cattle will be regularly tested for disease.3 x-refa special plan of food, exercise etc that is intended to improve your health syn regimen a dietary regimeCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa political regimeAll political regimes attempt to manipulate the media.a military regimeThe military regime arrested anyone who dared to speak against it.a totalitarian regime (=in which people are totally controlled by a government that is not elected)Totalitarian regimes ban books they disapprove of.an authoritarian regime (=with very strong control)The post-war authoritarian regimes of eastern Europe have been replaced by democratically elected governments.a communist regimethe collapse of communist regimes in eastern Europea fascist regimeMussolini 's fascist regime in Italya democratic regimethe establishment of a liberal democratic regimean oppressive/repressive regime (=powerful, cruel, and unfair)That country was held fast in the grip of an oppressive regime.a brutal regime (=cruel and violent)Many asylum seekers have fled from brutal regimes.a corrupt regime (=dishonest)Much of the aid that the Americans sent lined the pockets of his corrupt regime.verbsoverthrow/topple a regime (=remove it from power)In 1979, Tanzanian forces overthrew the regime of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin.oppose a regime (=fight or compete against it)People who opposed the regime were executed in a wave of political violence.a regime comes to powerHe criticised European leaders for supporting a regime that came to power through violence.a regime collapses/falls (=loses power)Authoritarian regimes tend to collapse in times of economic hardship.
Examples from the Corpus
regimeHis Gaullist successor, Jacques Chirac, publicly condemned Vichy as a criminal regime and called for reparations.the region's military regimeThe military regime refused to recognize the elections.There are at least four crucial differences between the new regime and the old.The line between party and state was washed away under the old regime and has not been redrawn.Baker was part of the Reagan regime.During the last weeks of 1688 James's regime began to disintegrate.The secretiveness of the regime and the often seemingly wilful disinformation provided by its opponents makes matters worse.But recently the regime seems to have lost the trust of the people.Within this, the regime was heavily dependent upon the civil administration.It is time the regime proved how much it loves its country and how much courage it has in embracing change.The US supported several right-wing regimes in central America.military/totalitarian/fascist regimeIn a totalitarian regime, the definition of res publica becomes total.There is still concern that a military regime would be reluctant to prosecute its own kind.The political legitimacy of military regimes is frequently suspect and originates in their exclusiveness and monopoly of force.When Mr Cerezo, before his election, stood up against successive military regimes the rightists tried to kill him.We have had the collapse of the totalitarian regimes.The classic study of the forces underlying totalitarian regimes.Human-rights groups may carp at foreigners for dealing with an unpleasant military regime.under a regimeBut under a regime of monogamy there are limits.To live under an effectively working constitution is not the same as living under a regime of moral laissez-faire.
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