Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: registre, from Medieval Latin registrum, from Latin regerere 'to bring back'


1 noun
Related topics: Music, Government, Linguistics, Power
re‧gis‧ter1 S3 W3

official list

[countable]PG an official list of names of people, companies etc, or a book that has this list
register of
the official register of births, deaths, and marriages
Have you signed the hotel register?
Police want a national register of DNA samples.
the electoral register (=official list of voters)
call/take the register British English old-fashioned (=say the names of the students in a class, to check who is there)

language style

[uncountable and countable] technicalSL the words, style, and grammar used by speakers and writers in a particular situation or in a particular type of writing
formal/informal register
letters written in a formal register


[countable] technicalAPM the range of musical notes that someone's voice or a musical instrument can reach
the upper/middle/lower register
the upper register of the cello


[countable]x-ref a cash register

heating control

[countable] American EnglishTP a movable metal plate that controls the flow of air in a heating or cooling system [= vent]

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