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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishregrettablere‧gret‧ta‧ble /rɪˈɡretəbəl/ adjective  PITY/IT'S A PITYsomething that is regrettable is unpleasant, and you wish things could be different syn unfortunate This was a very regrettable error.it is regrettable that It’s regrettable that classical music receives so little attention.
Examples from the Corpus
regrettableAny job losses are regrettable.The departure of Richard Wilcock and his staff was equally regrettable.The latest shortfall, for 1993-94, caused by yet more Republican mischief-making, is regrettable.The whole business was regrettable but not beyond redemption.There was regrettable delay in serving it and it should have been served personally on Mr. Butler in prison.Shortly after his father died the new Earl said how regrettable it was that he had died alone.Neither welcomed the presence of the city's poor, the majority of its population, though both recognised their regrettable necessity.For a regrettable number, emotional instability and spiritual confusion remain long after the physical bruises have faded.It's regrettable that we can't go in June when the weather is best.it is regrettable thatAgainst that background, it is regrettable that the Opposition intend to move to deny the Bill a Second Reading this evening.
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