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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishregularlyreg‧u‧lar‧ly /ˈreɡjələli $ -ərli/ ●●● S3 W3 adverb  1 REGULARat the same time each day, week, month etc We meet regularly, once a month.2 OFTENoften I see them pretty regularly. It’s important to exercise regularly.3 REGULARevenly arranged or shaped The plants are regularly spaced. regularly shaped crystals
Examples from the Corpus
regularlyThe 29-year-old father of two said he was a casual smoker and did not use drugs regularly.Thirty years later, I am in academia myself and realize now that people are moved out of Department Chair positions regularly.Children are required to attend school regularly.But other jocks of the period, notably white announcer Alan Freed, took money regularly.So he started exercising regularly and eating low-calorie foods and, lo and behold, trimmed down to a svelte 290.Company reports are published regularly and sent out to all shareholders.I've been going jogging regularly for a couple of years now.She is scheduled to have the first of regularly scheduled two-way video conferences with her family on Sunday.Each will be revised regularly to check on progress, and raise standards higher.Picking up droppings must be done regularly to keep the grazing sweet.Both my sons phone me regularly, usually once a week.The teenage Presley regularly visited Memphis blues clubs.One primary intervention therefore was for me to liaise regularly with the ward so that Mrs Allen was fully informed about the situation.
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