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reinvent yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreinvent yourselfreinvent yourselfto do something differently from before, especially in order to improve or change the way people think of you Bowie has constantly reinvented himself during his long career. reinvent
Examples from the Corpus
reinvent yourselfMadonna kept winning new fans as she reinvented herself.By remixing and adding new parts to certain sections they have successfully managed to reinvent themselves.In this fast-changing environment, several commercial on-line services are trying to reinvent themselves.New skills can increase personal satisfaction Women in particular are susceptible to believing that improving their appearance can help them reinvent themselves.The emphasis can only grow as even large companies are forced to reinvent themselves along more entrepreneurial, internet-enabled lines.The company intends to reinvent itself from a leading distributor of on-line content into primarily a developer of on-line content.They reinvent themselves, often without a model for their paternal roles.Simply put, 88open either has to reinvent itself or hang it up.City, state and federal governments reinvent themselves, scaling back, spending less on human services.
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