Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: , past participle of reicere 'to throw back'


1 verb
Related topics: Hospital
re‧ject1 S2 W2 [transitive]


to refuse to accept, believe in, or agree with something [≠ accept]:
Sarah rejected her brother's offer of help.
reject something as something
Gibson rejected the idea as 'absurd'.
Dexter flatly rejected (=completely rejected) calls for his resignation.
His proposal was rejected outright (=completely rejected).

not choose somebody

to not choose someone for a job, course of study etc [≠ accept]:
It's obvious why his application was rejected.


to throw away something that has just been made, because its quality is not good enough:
If inspectors find a defective can, the batch is rejected.

not love somebody

to refuse to give someone any love or attention:
Children feel abandoned or rejected if they don't see their parents regularly.


HBHMH if your body rejects an organ, after a transplant operation, it does not accept that organ

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