Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: , past participle of referre; REFER


re‧late S2 W1
1 [intransitive] if two things relate, they are connected in some way [= connect]:
I don't understand how the two ideas relate.
relate to
The charges of fraud relate to events that took place over ten years ago.
2 [transitive] if you relate two different things, you show how they are connected
relate something to something
The report seeks to relate the rise in crime to an increase in unemployment.
3 [transitive] formal to tell someone about events that have happened to you or to someone else
relate something to somebody
He later related the whole story to me.
4 [intransitive] to feel that you understand someone's problem, situation etc
relate to
Laurie finds it difficult to relate to children.
I know he feels upset, and I can relate to that.

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