re‧la‧tion S2 W1

between people/countries


a) official connections between countries, companies, organizations etc:
Relations between the two countries have improved recently.
diplomatic/international etc relations
Canada and Britain have established diplomatic relations with North Korea.
relations with
Britain threatened to break off diplomatic relations with the regime.
The union has close relations with the Labour Party.
b) the way in which people or groups of people behave towards each other
relations between
Relations between workers and management are generally good.
measures to improve race relations (=relations between people of different races)
public relations, industrial relations, race relations

in relation to something

a) used to talk about something that is connected with or compared with the thing you are talking about:
Women's earnings are still low in relation to men's.
b) formal concerning:
latest developments in relation to the disease


[uncountable and countable] a connection between two or more things [= relationship]
relation between
the relation between prices and wages
The price the meat is sold for bears no relation to (=is not connected to) the price the farmer receives.


[countable] a member of your family [= relative]:
We have relations in Canada and Scotland.
relation of/to
What relation are you to Jessica?
close/distant relation
Steve is a distant relation of my wife.
blood relation

➔ poor relation

at poor (11)

have (sexual) relations (with somebody)

old-fashioned to have sex with someone

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