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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrelaxedre‧laxed /rɪˈlækst/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective  1 CALMfeeling calm, comfortable, and not worried or annoyed Gail was lying in the sun looking very relaxed and happy.relaxed about I feel more relaxed about my career than I used to.see thesaurus at calm2 a situation that is relaxed is comfortable and informal There’s a very relaxed atmosphere in the school.3 not strict, or not feeling that you have to do something in the way that other people think you should do ita relaxed attitude/manner/style etc She has a fairly relaxed approach to housework.THESAURUSrelaxed feeling calm, comfortable, and not worried or annoyedI was feeling relaxed after my holiday.Looking relaxed and confident, the president answered questions from the press. He seems very relaxed about the whole situation.easy-going relaxed and not getting annoyed or angry with people – used when this is a part of someone’s character. An easy-going person likes to have good friendly relationships with other people, and is not strict about rulesFred MacMurray was very easy-going and a pleasure to work with.The hotel owner was an easy-going woman who let visitors come and go pretty well when they pleased.The children were brought up in an easy-going atmosphere at home.laid-back informal relaxed and not getting worried or annoyed about things – used when this is part of someone’s character. A laid-back person likes to take life slowlyHe seemed like a cool laid-back kind of a guy.Life on the farm was more laid-back compared to life in the big city. comfortable feeling happy and not worried about doing something, talking about something, or being with someone The teachers were comfortable with the new technology and the students loved it. Some female patients are not comfortable with the idea of seeing a male doctor.This is an emotional issue, which most people aren’t comfortable talking about.at ease [not before noun] feeling relaxed in a situation – used especially when someone feels less worried than before, or when many other people would not feel relaxed in that situationAfter a few weeks at college, I started to feel more at ease.He looked completely at ease on a horse.He was surprised to find himself so at ease with her father.feel at home to feel relaxed in a place or with a personI’ve always felt at home in Tokyo.He felt instantly at home with her.
Examples from the Corpus
relaxedIt is an excellent place for families as the staff are friendly, relaxed and attentive.Looking relaxed and confident, the president answered a barrage of questions from the press.Feeling that the world liked him, he liked the world and faced it, relaxed and open.Everyone looked happy and relaxed, even Bill.Once you are relaxed, focus your attention on the music and see what images come into your mind.The people in Hawaii are so relaxed -- I could have stayed another fortnight.The giant lock's colourful - and occasionally controversial - career is related in a relaxed, informative fashion.Old couches and armchairs set a relaxed mood at Java.A relaxed regime of visiting the lavatory after each main meal and at bedtime is established with the parents keeping a record.They reveal a soft and relaxed side of the ex-Beatle away from the harsh glare of fame.You seem much more relaxed since you changed jobs.When sounds are unvoiced, the vocal cords are relaxed to allow the air a completely free passage.George greeted us in his friendly relaxed way.I think people feel more relaxed wearing casual clothes.relaxed atmosphereInformal, relaxed atmosphere. 2.L'Esquire prides itself on its superlative standards of service and relaxed atmosphere.Set in substantial mature gardens and possessing a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.Some interviewers address candidates by their first names thinking it encourages a relaxed atmosphere.This is a family-run hotel with a relaxed atmosphere.Raffles A lounge cellar bar with a relaxed atmosphere and a real coal fire.So the superficially more relaxed atmosphere at home did nothing to modify my anorexic behaviour.As usual he gave no indication about when he would be coming back, but nevertheless a relaxed atmosphere soon developed.a relaxed attitude/manner/style etcHe had a relaxed attitude towards his learning.In terms of having a relaxed attitude to food the answer is yes.The Attorney General continues in a relaxed manner.Unlike some of his neighbours, President Mugabe is in a position to take a relaxed attitude to dissent.
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