2 noun
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re‧lease2 S2 W3

from prison

[singular, uncountable] when someone is officially allowed to go free, after being kept somewhere:
Before release, the sea lions are fitted with electronic tracking devices.
release from
Simon has obtained early release from prison.


a) [countable] a new CD, video, film etc that is available to buy or see:
the band's latest release

be on (general) release

if a film is on release, you can go see it in a cinema:
The film is on general release.


[singular, uncountable]
a) freedom to show or express your feelings:
Playing an instrument can be a form of emotional release.
b) a feeling that you are free from the worry or pain that you have been suffering:
treatment that will bring a release from pain


[uncountable]HT when a chemical, gas etc is allowed to flow out of its usual container
release into
the release of toxic waste into the rivers

official statement

[uncountable and countable]PGTC an official statement, report etc that is made available to be printed or broadcast, or the act of making it available [= publication]:
October 22nd is the date set for the report's release.
press release


[countable]DT a handle, button etc that can be pressed to allow part of a machine to move
WORD FOCUS: police WORD FOCUS: police
people in the police force: police officer, policeman, policewoman, detective, cop informal

the building where the police work: police station

what the police do: investigate crimes, find/collect evidence, arrest people who they think are guilty of a crime, question/interrogate people about crimes, hold/detain people in custody, charge people with crimes, release people if they are innocent

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