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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrelentlessre‧lent‧less /rɪˈlentləs/ ●○○ adjective  1 STRICTstrict, cruel, or determined, without ever stopping her relentless determination to succeed a regime that was relentless in its persecution of dissidents2 CONTINUOUSsomething bad that is relentless continues without ever stopping or getting less severe syn endless the relentless crying of a small baby a family facing relentless financial problemsrelentlessly adverb He questioned her relentlessly.
Examples from the Corpus
relentlessHer critiques were relentless but revealing.Each keiretsu has representative companies in all these areas and pursues new growth sectors with relentless enthusiasm.Its history has a message for evolution: that the existence of any creature is a constant struggle against relentless forces.The few communications which do receive full attention normally achieve this through a combination of chance, inside information and relentless harrassment.Uncle Khan was a landlord with a relentless passion for raw, hard numbers.relentless population growthA culture of isolation and relentless profit pressure had taken its toll.Ridge's success is due to a relentless pursuit of perfection.All around me, the bare walls expanded and converged into a relentless stretch of white.Hugh felt the relentless sun on his back.
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