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relieve yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrelieve yourselfrelieve yourselfHBHa polite expression meaning to urinate – often used humorously relieve
Examples from the Corpus
relieve yourselfThe corollary is that acquiring an addiction is tantamount to relieving oneself of personal responsibility.Threlfall turned his back and waited for the man to finish relieving himself.On average, young puppies may relieve themselves about six times a day.By releasing it into the world, he relieved himself and taunted the fates to punish him.After rolling on the sand in excruciating pain until stars lit up the sky, he relieved himself for a good half-hour.When their overlords came out to relieve themselves in the snow, the serfs collected the urine to drink.Cocaine users often feel as though they need the drug to relieve themselves of the tired feeling and to function normally.Missus Hall would relieve herself on old newspapers in the alleyways on Central Avenue.
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