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religiouslyre‧li‧gious‧ly /rɪˈlɪdʒəsli/ adverb  1 EXACTif you do something religiously, you are always very careful to do it He exercises religiously every morning.2 RRin a way that is related to religion a religiously diverse country
Examples from the Corpus
religiouslyShe had religiously adhered to the white squares.Especially in secondary schools, considerable sophistication is called for in order to sustain the interest of older and often religiously alienated pupils.A lot of them used to come in and religiously buy something every week.How much time might a teacher have to spend religiously chasing-up ways of making small-scale economies?The fort became a trading post that attracted a religiously diverse population.He counted his money up religiously every night.I've been watching that show religiously for four years.A few had been exercising religiously for many years.religiously oriented educationIf by chance he does he purges himself by religiously prescribed ablutions.Julia has been sticking religiously to her diet.
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