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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreluctantre‧luc‧tant /rɪˈlʌktənt/ ●●○ AWL adjective  WILLINGslow and unwilling opp willing She gave a reluctant smile.reluctant to do something Maddox was reluctant to talk about it.reluctantly adverb Reluctantly, he agreed.
Examples from the Corpus
reluctantBecoming a donor is a simple process, but many people remain reluctant.In exchange modern man gives his external achievement and his reluctant faithfulness.Stores have cut prices to attract reluctant shoppers.However many couples who have been unable to have children, are, understandably, reluctant to adopt mentally handicapped children.But Western culture was very reluctant to authenticate reports of meteorite falls.The authorities have been reluctant to crack down on pachinko for other reasons as well.He seemed somewhat reluctant to explain, but finally did so.Anybody who's actually been in a war is very reluctant to see other people stumbling into an unnecessary one.In any case many rulers were for long reluctant to send ambassadors to foreign capitals if a lower-ranking representative would suffice.In any case, lawyers are typically reluctant to take on such cases because they are time-consuming and difficult.Some of the older staff were reluctant to use the new equipment.reluctant to do somethingThe abbot was reluctant to allow the Brethren to join in.Upon completion of this much work on the proposal, some students suddenly become reluctant to carry the project any further.However, there is a degree of discretion allowed within this legislation which Orkney's planners were reluctant to employ.Nygaard styles herself as a bruiser, reluctant to leave the interior.When I was an employee on a comfortable and secure salary they were reluctant to lend me money.At first, the bank was reluctant to lend me the money.Even trade unionists were reluctant to show solidarity.Women can form a communal bond quickly, but may be reluctant to stand up for their personal views.Urged to remove them, police were reluctant to turn shivering people out into the polar night.
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