Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: relier, from Latin religare 'to tie back'


re‧ly S2 W2 past tense and past participle relied, present participle relying, third person singular relies

rely on/upon somebody/something

phrasal verb
1 to trust or depend on someone or something to do what you need or expect them to do [↪ reliable, reliance]:
I knew I could rely on David.
rely on somebody/something to do something
Many working women rely on relatives to help take care of their children.
rely on/upon somebody/something for
Many people now rely on the Internet for news.
2 to depend on something in order to continue to live or exist:
For its income, the company relies heavily on only a few contracts.
rely on/upon somebody/something for
They have to rely on the river for their water.

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