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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremainingre‧main‧ing /rɪˈmeɪnɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  REMAIN/BE LEFTthe remaining people or things are those that are left when the others have gone, been used, or been dealt with The few remaining guests were in the kitchen. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer for 30 minutes. The only remaining question is whether we can raise the money.
Examples from the Corpus
remainingThis priming often has to last the entire remaining 51 weeks.the Navy's one remaining aircraft-carrierSimilar ideas for features, visits and events could be thought up for the remaining areas.The remaining black bears are at risk from development in the area.Add the shallots or salad onions to the remaining butter in the pan and cook until just soft.One remaining couple carried on dancing.Add all the remaining ingredients and bring to the boil.Combine the remaining ingredients, mixing well.Stir the flour into the remaining juices and cook slowly until well browned, stirring all the time.Briefly heat a quarter of mayonnaise with spice, then add remaining mayonnaise, chutney and juice.Six candles went out the first time, the remaining three the second time.The remaining two items may be chosen from the cards in Warhammer Battle Magic.
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