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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremarkablere‧mark‧a‧ble /rɪˈmɑːkəbəl $ -ɑːr-/ ●●○ W3 adjective  UNUSUALunusual or surprising and therefore deserving attention or praise She has made remarkable progress. a remarkable coincidenceremarkable feat/achievement/accomplishment It’s a remarkable achievement for the company.it is remarkable that It is remarkable that women did not have the vote until that time.remarkable for His drawings are remarkable for their accuracy. He’s a remarkable man.
Examples from the Corpus
remarkableA remarkable and well deserved achievement.There is remarkable consensus on the issue of tax fairness.In short she obtained a remarkable degree of autonomy.Henry Tippett showed remarkable flair as a hotelier.The record features some remarkable guitar and piano solos.Of all the peculiar effects of musical tragedy, the most remarkable is the coexistence of opposite impressions.Clark did a remarkable job setting things up for the meeting.A team was dispatched immediately to Baldersdale and discovered a remarkable scene.a remarkable statesman and diplomatWhat a remarkable thing to say.The key to this remarkable turnaround in what has been one of the most restrictive industries is, of course, PostScript.But many men succeed in a remarkable way in keeping their feelings alive in the most unlikely settings.Josephine was a truly remarkable woman.remarkable feat/achievement/accomplishmentThe mounting and supply of the expedition was a remarkable feat.This is a quite remarkable achievement.A truly remarkable achievement and one that demonstrates the enthusiasm with which Johnson Matthey has responded to the challenge.It is a remarkable achievement for Trevino, in his first season on the Seniors' circuit.But it is a remarkable feat of alchemy indeed.It is a contemporary tale of medical misfortune which paradoxically illustrates quite dramatically the remarkable achievements of modern medicine.Though most managers recognised the remarkable achievements of the machinists, the programmers were unhappy that blue collar workers remained in control.That remarkable achievement seems more bizarre with every passing day.
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