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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremediablere‧me‧di‧a‧ble /rɪˈmiːdiəbəl/ adjective formal  CURESOLVE/DEAL WITH A PROBLEMable to be corrected or cured remediable problems
Examples from the Corpus
remediableIdentifying high risk groups should point towards the inequalities that are remediable.Some suffering is, however, permanently painful, unendurable even, and is neither a transitional stage nor is remediable.While Dave was still a problem, it now seemed to Mr E remediable.Section 146 distinguishes between remediable and irremediable breaches of covenant.It is also the factor most likely to be remediable by practitioners.An unnecessary operation was deemed to be one that was performed without pathological evidence of surgically remediable disease.Is it associated with remediable personality traits?The uncontrolled increase in the number of authors might be remediable to some extent by journals devising a collective policy.
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