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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremedialre‧me‧di‧al /rɪˈmiːdiəl/ adjective  1 remedial course/class/teacher etc2 SOLVE/DEAL WITH A PROBLEMintended to improve something that is wrong Some remedial work needs to be done on the foundations.3 CUREintended to cure a problem with someone’s health remedial mental health therapies
Examples from the Corpus
remedialHis control in these cases is such that he alone decides whether or not to sample, whether or not to demand remedial action.She enrolled at a Colorado community college and discovered how inadequate her education had been when she tested at the remedial level.Not surprisingly, Dale had to entoil in a remedial mathematics course when he arrived on campus.They are not liable in negligence for the cost of remedial measures caused by a defect in the building's construction.Its profits plunged 60 percent to £31 million, though Sir Robert said remedial measures were now in place.We must complete full investigations prior to commencing remedial repairs.During these periods I was either to observe or else to go out and do remedial work with other classes.
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