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remedial course/class/teacher etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremedial course/class/teacher etcremedial course/class/teacher etcSESa special course etc that helps students who have difficulty learning something remedial
Examples from the Corpus
remedial course/class/teacher etcAbout one quarter of entering college students now take at least one remedial course.Middle-class children thus tend to fill the honors and advanced-placement classes while poor children take the general and remedial classes.The Association has branches throughout the country that provide information and hold remedial classes.These students traverse course after remedial course, becoming increasingly turned off to writing, increasingly convinced that they are hopelessly inadequate.Their placement in a remedial course confirmed their suspicions.Most of these students take remedial classes in all three fields.People were appointed to co-ordinate the work of remedial teachers in schools.Some run efficient remedial courses, which could surely be used for youngsters who had taken a broader sixth-form course.
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