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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremembrancere‧mem‧brance /rɪˈmembrəns/ noun  1 REMEMBER[singular, uncountable] when people remember and give honour to someone who has diedin remembrance of something a service in remembrance of those killed in the war a Holocaust remembrance2 [countable, uncountable] formalREMEMBER a memory that you have of a person or eventremembrance of Trillin’s remembrances of his childhood
Examples from the Corpus
remembranceMany crematoria include scattering or burying the ashes in a garden of remembrance in their fee.Her exalted moment of remembrance expired, she sighed in her relief and in her certainty of purpose.Miss Fogerty was torn between telling the truth and the remembrance of her promise to her headmistress.His method was to include the remembrance of moods and apprehensions as well as images and incidents.Sethe was deeply touched by her sweet name; the remembrance of glittering headstone made her feel especially kindly toward her.They shared their remembrances of Christmases past.The ribbons bore the words remembrance, rebirth, renewal and rebuilding.in remembrance of somethingJack Daniels was there, too, escorted by Delia in remembrance of our former raven-cage-raising and raven-catching parties.
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