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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreminiscencerem‧i‧nis‧cence /ˌreməˈnɪsəns/ noun [countable, uncountable often plural]  REMEMBERa spoken or written story about events that you remembermemoirreminiscence of/about reminiscences of the war
Examples from the Corpus
reminiscenceFirst, reminiscence highlights older people's assets rather than their disabilities.Zohra Labrooy was the ideal audience for reminiscence or confession.In reminiscence, you build up from past life to the present.It may be that few people who were there have devoted much time to nostalgic reminiscence.There comes a point when reminiscence is blocked, or when there is resistance to proceeding further.reminiscence of/aboutWilletts detects in these later stories a reminiscence of a Minoan initiation ordeal.Massot was a pleasant but impossibly long-winded Gaul whose briefest reminiscence about his days in the Resistance tended to last an hour.
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