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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremorsere‧morse /rɪˈmɔːs $ -ɔːrs/ noun [uncountable]  GUILTY/FEEL GUILTYa strong feeling of being sorry that you have done something very badregret Throughout the trial, he had shown no remorse.remorse for She felt a pang of remorse for what she had done.be full of remorse/be filled with remorse Filled with remorse, Dillon decided to resign.remorseful adjectiveremorsefully adverb
Examples from the Corpus
remorseJean, distraught with grief and remorse, was put on trial.Many men are afflicted with guilt and remorse at leaving their wives.When Robbie lost her temper, it was a sudden eruption, short-lived and always followed by remorse.Immediately overcome by remorse, I lowered him to the floor and tried to apologize.As I loped along, I felt absolutely no remorse.To this day, I still feel no remorse for these men.I like a bit of a giggle, not remorse and tears afterwards.Sumers, ashamed and full of remorse, attempts to locate his daughter.She was full of remorse for hurting her family.He admitted killing the man but showed no sign of remorse.The woman sounded so nice, McKee felt a twinge of remorse at what he had done to her family.The shame, the guilt, the remorse were weighing heavily upon the parents.
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