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remote sensing

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remote sensingreˌmote ˈsensing noun [uncountable]  TTSthe use of satellites to obtain pictures and information about the Earth
Examples from the Corpus
remote sensingIn the following sections of the report, country-specific programmes are outlined first, followed by remote sensing and regional programmes.Departmental facilities are excellent in the fields of computing, remote sensing and laboratory analysis.The department's manager for remote sensing will try to persuade different parts of the government to spend more in this area.The customary view in remote sensing is the vertical one.However it seems reasonable to use the ideas of remote sensing as a starting point.However, it is necessary to understand the principles of remote sensing in order to make intelligent and informed use of remotely-sensed data.This is certainly not remote, and much of the literature is concerned with true remote sensing.First of all, however, the physical principles on which remote sensing is based are reviewed.
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