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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremotelyre‧mote‧ly /rɪˈməʊtli $ -ˈmoʊt-/ adverb  1 NOTby only a small amount syn slightly The brew tasted only remotely of beer.2 not remotely interested/funny/possible etc3 from far away remotely operated vehicles
Examples from the Corpus
remotelyNo job in civilian life is remotely as dangerous in terms of accidents as the wartime military.Stalin, let alone Mao, has never achieved remotely comparable diabolic status.Most of the low-alcohol brews taste only remotely like beer.He wanted her every day and no girl he had met since had remotely matched up to her.There was nothing remotely new in this.Reluctantly, at the end of the exercise, Ellen saw that only four of the items were even remotely possible.Firstly, it is not the case that the evil spirits of the New Testament are remotely similar to animist spirits.
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