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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremovalre‧mov‧al /rɪˈmuːvəl/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable, uncountable]  1 REMOVEwhen something is taken away from, out of, or off the place where it isremoveremoval of the removal of rubbish2 when you get rid of something so that it does not exist any longer stain removal3 when someone is forced out of an important position or dismissed from a jobremoval from the mayor’s removal from office4 TAKE something FROM SOMEWHERE British English the process of taking furniture from your old house to your new oneremoval company/man etc The removal men have been in and out all day.
Examples from the Corpus
removalRemoval of the brake pads is a simple operation which can be done with a few basic tools.hair removalTreatment usually consists of removal of the tumour combined with drug treatment.One of the children taken from this family was only six months old at the time of removal.It took 20 minutes, four helpers, a Kama Sutra repositioning and the removal of one ski.State laws written to encourage more voting sharply limit the removal of inactive voters from the rolls, she said.the removal of investment controlsThe removal of a bit of information from a system can be seen as the reproduction of a corresponding bit of anti-information.Don't forget to budget for your removal expenses.removal company/man etcThen there came the day of the invasion by the removal men.Mr Vulcan wouldn't hear of this but offered to send the removal men over with it.I was encouraged by the location, close to the town to which my thieving removal company had decamped.Your removal men will dismantle bedsteads and take down pictures and wall decorations.
From Longman Business Dictionaryremovalre‧mov‧al /rɪˈmuːvəl/ noun [countable, uncountable]1the act of taking something awaythe removal by Mexico of barriers to direct U.S. investment2when someone is forced to leave their job or positiona meeting to consider the removal of a majority of the boardThese executive removals aren’t due to fraud, but simple incompetence.3British EnglishPROPERTY the act of moving from one office, house etc to anotherthe removal of its editorial offices to London4removals [plural] British EnglishTRANSPORT the business of packing equipment, furniture etc and moving it from one place to anothera removals firm
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