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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremunerativere‧mu‧ne‧ra‧tive /rɪˈmjuːnərətɪv $ -nəreɪtɪv/ adjective formal  EARNmaking a lot of money
Examples from the Corpus
remunerativeI should have thought veterinary surgery was reasonably remunerative.It could have been quite remunerative.Poverty arises because of the lack of remunerative and secure forms of employment.Only when work is optional, highly remunerative, or competitive with male labor does it threaten ideal motherhood.Meirion desperately needed more remunerative work and was on the point of leaving his home town.
From Longman Business Dictionaryremunerativere‧mu‧ne‧ra‧tive /rɪˈmjuːnərətɪv-nəreɪtɪv/ adjective formalHUMAN RESOURCES paying a lot of moneyRoss takes on the most difficult assignments, but they are also the most remunerative.They are not allowed to hold another remunerative position while teaching at the university.
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