Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: rendre 'to give back', from Latin reddere


ren‧der [transitive]
1 to cause someone or something to be in a particular condition
render somebody/something impossible/harmless/unconscious etc
He was rendered almost speechless by the news.
The blow to his head was strong enough to render him unconscious.
2 formal to give something to someone or do something, because it is your duty or because someone expects you to:
an obligation to render assistance to those in need
render a decision/opinion/judgment etc
It is unlikely that the court will render an opinion before November 5.
a bill of $3200 for services rendered (=for something you have done)
3 to express or present something in a particular way
render something as something
She made a sound that in print is rendered as 'harrumph.'
render something sth
Infrared film renders blue skies a deep black.
render something in something
a sculpture rendered in bronze

render something into English/Russian/Chinese etc

formalSLL to translate something into English, Russian etc
5 technicalTBC to spread plaster or cement on the surface of a wall:
a brick wall that has been rendered and whitewashed
6 to melt the fat of an animal as you cook it:
Steam the goose to render some of the fat.

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