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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrenownedre‧nowned /rɪˈnaʊnd/ ●○○ adjective  FAMOUSknown and admired by a lot of people, especially for a special skill, achievement, or quality syn famousrenowned for an island renowned for its beautyrenowned as He’s renowned as a brilliant speaker.renowned author/actor/photographer etc a world renowned expert in the fieldsee thesaurus at famous
Examples from the Corpus
renownedRenowned as a newspaper editor, Greeley ran against Grant for president in 1872.Jesse Jackson, the renowned civil rights leader, was in the city again last night.Equally, I also knew which three routes we had to do to bag the most renowned classics.Our Peaches Restaurant is renowned for a warm and welcoming atmosphere with quality and personal attention from Gill and Doug.Vitamin A: renowned for its healing and anti-ageing properties.A country renowned for its love of large, close families now has the lowest birth rate in the developed world.Majorca was renowned for its springtime almond blossom, Fernando had told her.Barbados is renowned for the marvellous cricket players it produces.Dame Sybil Connolly, internationally renowned interior designer, entertains at her private home in Dublin.The most renowned of these pipe bands travel periodically to the cities, where they perform in night spots for tourists.a renowned universityrenowned author/actor/photographer etcThe video was shot by renowned photographer Herb Ritts who has a history of shooting sexy videos.
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