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rent control

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrent controlˈrent conˌtrol noun [uncountable]  when a city or a state uses laws to control the cost of renting houses and apartments
Examples from the Corpus
rent controlAnother major challenge could come next year should voters approve a statewide ballot initiative aimed at abolishing mobile-home rent control.One popular blunder that almost every economist denounces is rent control.By keeping prices artificially low, rent control leads both to a shortage of units and to landlords skimping on maintenance.Private rented accommodation has been increasingly freed of rent control, taking it beyond the reach of the young homeless.The strict rent control, introduced in the war to protect private tenants, was partly lifted during the inter war period.Although a temporary measure, it soon became apparent that rent control could not be abolished with the war's end.Because of the rent control that had predominated since 1914, houses in Warsaw had become run down.
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