1 verb
rent1 S2 W3
1 [intransitive and transitive] to regularly pay money to live in a house or room that belongs to someone else, or to use something that belongs to someone else:
Most students rent rooms in their second year.
I'd rather have my own house than rent.
rent something from somebody
Some farmers rent their land from the council.
2 also rent out [transitive]BF to let someone live in a house, room etc that you own, or use your land, in return for money [= let British English]
rent something (out) to somebody
She rents out two rooms to students.
3 [transitive] especially American EnglishBBT to pay money for the use of something for a short period of time [= hire British English]
Will you rent a car while you're in Spain?

rent at/for something

phrasal verb
if a house rents at or for an amount of money, that is how much you must pay to use it:
Houses here rent for at least $2,500 a week.

rent, hire, lease
Rent is used to talk about paying to live in or use a building that is owned by someone else We rented an apartment together. In American English, you also rent a car or electrical equipment The TV is rented. In British English, you can use rent or hire, but it is more usual to say that you hire a car You can hire a car at the airport.Lease is used to talk about renting buildings, cars, or equipment over a long period of time, especially for business use If you upgrade computers regularly, it may work out cheaper to lease them.

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