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rentalrent‧al /ˈrentl/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable usually singular, uncountable]BFCOST the money that you pay to use a car, television, or other machine over a period of timecar/television/telephone etc rental The price includes accommodation and car rental. Video rental is usually £3.line rental British English (=the money that you pay to use a telephone line)2 [countable, uncountable]BBTLEND an arrangement to rent something for a period of time, or the act of doing thisrental contract/scheme/service etc Could you sign the rental agreement?3 [countable] especially American English something that you rent, especially a house or car companies that provide rentals
Examples from the Corpus
rentalHer fans can see how she has managed it in Braveworld's September 28 rental video release Family of Strangers.rental coststhe pros and cons of buying a rentalSeveral years ago he was remodeling a garage at his West University dwelling into a rental.Sega did allow rentals, but charged a huge licensing fee, making them a bad deal, he said.An apartment rental agency is the first stop for many shoppers.Claire, Mark and Babur head off to find a car rental place.Card holders get special deals on car rentals and hotels.Car rental is $200 a week and you need a clean driving licence.Ski rental is $14.So lessees can generally expect the rental on operating leases to be higher than finance leases.Under the new legislation, overdue bills also can not be transferred to owners or subsequent tenants of the rental in question.The rental on the TV includes maintenance and repairs.For some people, the abandoned paperbacks they find in their rental house offer unexpected pleasures.car/television/telephone etc rentalClaire, Mark and Babur head off to find a car rental place.A car rental company subcontracts out the repair and maintenance of its fleet, and focuses on renting.The trip includes airfare, accommodation, car rental and admission tickets to the golf course for all practice and match days.That in turn caused the car rental companies to keep their vehicles in circulation longer.My most vivid memory is not the accident, but my telephone call to the car rental company later that morning.The holding company manages the investments of local businessman Wayne Huizenga in, among other things, car rental companies.For the independent traveller, car rentals are special bargains.rental contract/scheme/service etcHer rental contract runs out shortly and she can say she's homeless.Our rental scheme includes insurance of the Videotronic machines against theft and damage.Our rental scheme will surely meet your expectations.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrentalrent‧al /ˈrentl/ noun1[singular, uncountable]FINANCE payment made for the use of a car, equipment etc for a period of timeThe first month’s rental on every pager is free of charge.2[countable, uncountable]COMMERCE an arrangement by which something is rented for a period of timethe money he had spent on car rentalThe rates for computer rentals drop swiftly as the equipment ages.We have reduced our equipmentrental costs by 14%. fleet rental3[countable] especially American English something that you can rent, especially a house or carThe supply of available rentals in the area is way down.
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