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rented accommodation/housing/apartment etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrented accommodation/housing/apartment etcrented accommodation/housing/apartment etcDHBFhouses etc that people pay rent for rented
Examples from the Corpus
rented accommodation/housing/apartment etcThey remain very vulnerable in privately rented accommodation as they can often be ignorant of their rights.Many are trapped in the inner cores because of the unavailability of rented housing beyond the cities.This would apply to rented accommodation, council houses, etc.Those in public and privately rented housing do not obtain the same sense of personal identity.Many potential homeowners decided to sit out the recession in rented accommodation, leaving their money in high-earning accounts.The report points out that the idea of local housing companies as landlord bodies for social rented housing originated in Glasgow.Ed, who lives in rented accommodation, plans to use the money as a down-payment on a house.The group will also recommend improved access to private rented accommodation through rent deposit schemes.
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