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reprep /rep/ noun  1 [countable] informalBB a sales representative2 [countable]BBC someone who speaks officially for a company, organization, or group of people syn representativestaff/union/company etc rep You need to speak to the students’ rep. Safety reps have the right to stop the job when workers are in danger.3 [countable] American English a representative4 [countable, uncountable]APT repertory, or a repertory theatre or company Most actors start off in rep.5 [countable] American English spokenP a reputation6 [countable] one exercise that you do in a series of exercises syn repetition Do 15 reps of each exercise.
Examples from the Corpus
repCoincidentally they received a phone call from a double glazing company to see if a rep could call round.In addition, three Askews' reps will combine forces with Chivers' force of two, to represent Chivers to libraries.Williams has a bad rep, both on and off the field.MTV reps confirmed that the station will not show the video.I had lots of new reps and I wanted them to be successful.Fox was one of two player reps who voted against the collective bargaining agreement.When I called the sales rep said it hadn't been dispatched.It's probably due to all those sales reps in their Sierras and Cavaliers.I go through the reps to do that.It gives me credibility with the reps.staff/union/company etc repNow, I knew staff reps who were as good as lawyers, who could hold their own in a court.Are local officers, or staff reps, really capable of collective bargaining?Keith is the union rep in the school.When union reps sought an 8-cent increase, they and hundreds of other workers were sacked.
Rep.Rep.1 the written abbreviation of Representative, used before names Rep. Bud Shuster2 the written abbreviation of RepublicanFrom Longman Business Dictionaryreprep /rep/ noun [countable] informal1JOBMARKETINGsomeone employed to sell a company’s products or services by meeting customers or talking to them on the phone SYN REPRESENTATIVEWe needed more sales reps on the road to compete with the big boys.2someone who speaks officially for a group of people, company etc SYN REPRESENTATIVEHe’d had a chat with his union rep and was told not to worry.
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