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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreparteerep‧ar‧tee /ˌrepɑːˈtiː $ ˌrepərˈtiː/ noun [uncountable]  JOKEconversation which is fast and full of intelligent and amusing remarks and replies witty repartee
Examples from the Corpus
reparteeAnd so in pleasant jest and repartee a short time was passed.She didn't want him to have a hurt heart that he hid with bitter repartee.Jim and I laughed; it was one of their standard bits of repartee.The only thing he had in common with Cherry Morello, his stage persona, was a mega-mouth of repartee.They did not get their photographs signed, but they have had an exchange, a smidgen of repartee with a star.But, like Ken, she had a devastating wit and the repartee between them was a joy to listen to.You will get credit for the quick-thinking repartee of your one success.The scenes between the sons, all witty repartee, came close to a spoof of stagey theatrical speech.
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