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repaymentre‧pay‧ment /rɪˈpeɪmənt/ ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable]BFL when you pay back money that you have borrowedrepayment of the repayment of debt2 [countable usually plural]BFL an amount of money that you pay regularly until you do not owe any more monthly mortgage repayments of £330 Do you worry about meeting (=paying) your loan repayments?
Examples from the Corpus
repaymentThey're demanding repayment for the cost of the uniforms.With three different purposes, we wanted three different repayment schedules.Furthermore, the Brewery loan repayments were re-negotiated and special discounts arranged on the goods they supplied.In practice, therefore, these principal repayments took the place of depreciation.Many low income families may still face enforcement action through private bailiffs at the door, rather than less stringent repayment methods.The Paris Club said that it was freezing until May the repayments it is owed on $ 800m.The settlor thereafter withdraws the income of the investments in the form of the repayment of the loan.So far, it has made two repayments, $ 750 million last year and $ 1. 3 billion on Monday.Canceled checks show when repayments were made.repayment ... debtMaxxam said it would use the proceeds for general corporate purposes, including repayment of debt.Cash reserves have been savaged by massive rises in social security benefits because of ever-growing dole queues and interest repayments on debt.Another method of subordination is a prohibition on repayment of the debt whilst other creditors remain unpaid.From the actor's point of view, the great majority of gift-giving transactions are partial repayments of debt.mortgage repaymentsNo wife, no kids, no mortgage repayments.In Britain the sensitive matter of mortgage repayments is directly affected by interest rate policy.But the building society says the mortgage repayments are in arrears.Over 60,000 Londoners are more than three months in arrears with their mortgage repayments.Many borrowers whose mortgage repayments change only annually will feel the impact of higher interest rates only next month.There are many people who suffer due to lack of affordable housing to rent and inability to cope with mortgage repayments.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrepaymentre‧pay‧ment /rɪˈpeɪmənt/ nounFINANCE1[uncountable] when money that has been borrowed is paid backThe government is to call forearly repayment of $1.8 billion of Treasury bonds.a schedule fordebt repayment2[countable] an amount of money that is paid backWhen you take out a mortgage, you need to be sure that you can afford the repayments.Only two repayments have been made in the last six months.
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