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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepeatedre‧peat‧ed /rɪˈpiːtɪd/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  AGAINOFTENdone or happening again and again repeated calls for change repeated attempts to kill him
Examples from the Corpus
repeatedMassieu remains a free man, despite repeated attempts to arrest him on murder and drug charges.Repeated attempts to fix the satellite have failed.The torture involved repeated beatings and electric shock treatment.Coventry-born Painter, 21, sensed trouble soon after the start and made repeated efforts to keep the headgear in place.Make this point firmly, because the idea of anxiety-reduction with repeated exposure is one of the fundamental principles of the course.With anti-lock as standard, they respond smoothly and effectively to instruction and show no signs of fade during repeated hard stopping.He marked young leaves as they began to expand and then followed their fate by repeated observation.There have been repeated requests for the United Nations to send peace-keeping forces to the area.This phenomenon, in which an animal responds to a repeated stimulus by eventually disregarding it, is familiar to everyone.Don't be tentative or give repeated tugs which achieve nothing.Motorists used the roads despite repeated warnings of snow.
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