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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepeatedlyre‧peat‧ed‧ly /rɪˈpiːtɪdli/ ●●○ adverb  OFTENmany times Graham was repeatedly warned not to work so hard.
Examples from the Corpus
repeatedlyA cord attached to overhead bells is pulled repeatedly.In the three months since the election, Clinton and Republican leaders have repeatedly and even reverently recited the appropriate rhetoric.Meanwhile, Kurt repeatedly and vehemently denied taking heroin.Max was punched and kicked repeatedly as he lay on the ground.His own followers cheered him repeatedly as the rhetoric boomed out through the slight electronic distortion of the public address systems.Davis repeatedly denied that he had ever taken drugs.The preference for directives as opposed to regulations for environmental matters has also been repeatedly expressed.He repeatedly met people whose lives were desperate.He repeatedly stated he wanted to leave.Al Gore has stated repeatedly, that the American economy is dependent upon a healthy environment.Graham's doctor had repeatedly warned him not to work so hard.
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