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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepentancere‧pen‧tance /rɪˈpentəns/ noun [uncountable]  SORRY/APOLOGIZEwhen you are sorry for something wrong that you have done
Examples from the Corpus
repentanceAn old man then reproaches Faustus for selling his soul and counsels repentance which Faustus inclines towards.Taylor always strongly opposed the Roman Catholic insistence on the efficacy of deathbed repentance.I myself have no feelings of repentance.The man who made a best seller out of a defamatory rant now wants to make a best seller out of repentance.The practice of meditation and contemplation is life-long, reflecting this daily process of repentance and change at heart.Or was there something else she had wanted, some sign of repentance maybe?After the visions she'd become a shepherdess of souls, leading them to Our Lady and to repentance.Hence their punishment was to be achieved through persuading them to repentance and guilt.
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