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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepentantre‧pen‧tant /rɪˈpentənt/ adjective formal  SORRY/APOLOGIZEsorry for something wrong that you have done opp unrepentant
Examples from the Corpus
repentantHe did so, and also taught her to be repentant.Jove seized his thunderbolt and hurled it at the rash, repentant driver.If it makes it to the screen, expect a softer, more repentant Lorraine Page.It is the sign of a repentant spirit.The predator must become a repentant steward.Although anything less repentant than the way he was looking at her now, Folly thought, would be hard to imagine.However, there is no guarantee that only the genuine repentant will produce works of value to the society.That evening brought a repentant young husband, flowers and wine, an evening to themselves.
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