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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepercussionre‧per‧cus‧sion /ˌriːpəˈkʌʃən $ -pər-/ noun [countable usually plural]  RESULTthe effects of an action or event, especially bad effects that continue for some timeconsequencerepercussion for The collapse of the company had repercussions for the whole industry.repercussion on There were serious repercussions on his career.repercussion of the repercussions of the crisispolitical/social/economic etc repercussions
Examples from the Corpus
repercussionAll this activity had countless repercussions.This had repercussions for the papacy as well as for the parishes.This double view of the female has repercussions within the lives of Hindu women.Alterations to one element of the Marketing Mix can have repercussions within each category, or elsewhere within the Marketing Mix.The collapse of these two leading houses will have repercussions for the whole industry.This immense success had many repercussions.had repercussionsI had become withdrawn and at times very depressed which, of course, had repercussions on my family.These conflicts have had repercussions throughout the region.This could, in turn, have had repercussions in the security forces.This had repercussions for the papacy as well as for the parishes.
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