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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepetitiousrep‧e‧ti‧tious /ˌrepəˈtɪʃəs◂/ adjective  involving the same actions or using the same words many times, in a way that is boring repetitious work
Examples from the Corpus
repetitiousBoth tunes are undeniably simple and repetitious.It is also true that the words tend to be repetitious, and many congregations seem to know them by heart anyway.Another variation on repetitious dieting involves having a liquid protein drink instead of a meal.repetitious drillsMy dreams become repetitious, insistent, terrifying, but I pay no attention to them.It may seem repetitious to you, but not to them if you do it once to each person.It turns out that a great deal of our conversational interaction involves the repetitious use of structure.A simple, maddeningly repetitious vibration, it pulsed out from the crystal, and hypnotized all who came within its spell.
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