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repletere‧plete /rɪˈpliːt/ adjective [not before noun]  1 formalWITH full of somethingreplete with Literature is replete with tales of power.2 old-fashionedDF very full of food or drink
Examples from the Corpus
repleteOne by one they lay their burden of eggs until the full nest rocks there, replete.People sat about, replete and vacant.Those alterations included enlarged pueblos replete with central plazas and square kivas.Griffith Park is replete with hiking trails, and Mount Hollywood is excellent for plotting future treks.This aesthetic presentation is a very nice touch in a meal already replete with interesting tastes dancing merrily across your palate.The ceremony in this Anglo-Norman setting was replete with references to Charlemagne, Napoleon, and Churchill.Past inaugurations have been replete with stories of bruised egos and sour encounters.Judgments frequently consist of long paragraphs and convoluted sentences replete with subordinate clauses.replete witha military ceremony replete with honors
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